What are 4 trends that you see in the food service industry today?

The food service industry has been created to keep customers and employees safe. Contactless equipment is an excellent option to reduce the spread of germs and better protect anyone who enters your food service establishment. Contactless equipment is a trend that is here to stay. Catering equipment manufacturers have worked to develop many contactless solutions for their customers and their staff.

Contactless equipment has grown to include faucets with electronic sensors, non-contact hairdryers, and even door levers so you don't have to open a door with a handle. These manufacturers have continued to create innovative solutions to reduce contact on surfaces and between their customers and employees. Ghost kitchens are where virtual food service establishments can prepare, produce, sell and deliver food, without customers having to go to a physical location. Virtual brands are exclusive delivery concepts, which are sold exclusively online and through delivery applications.

Ghost kitchens are gaining popularity due to the explosive success of deliveries in the food service industry. Ghost kitchens have quite a few advantages, including that they can be built in a variety of buildings in a wide range of locations or with designs not typical of a normal restaurant or food service establishment. Ghost kitchens can also create a unique and specific menu that is well suited to delivery. Meanwhile, this particular trend in the foodservice industry allows merchants to save money by automating a series of processes that would otherwise be labor-intensive, accelerating their delivery times and reducing physical queues.

In addition, the value of an order is increased by up to 20% by digitizing the rates of additional sales, tips and shipping. With vegetarianism and veganism constantly on the rise, many restaurants and cafes have begun to introduce alternative meatless options to their current menu. For many, ignoring people who suffer from hypersensitivity to certain food groups, making conscientious choices and following healthier lifestyles rank high on the list. In the past, restaurants were known for food that magically appeared behind closed doors, with no indication of how the food was prepared.

Food trends are great, as they offer ways to strengthen your offering and boost your marketing, service and engagement in promising ways. At the beginning of COVID-19, the restaurant sector sank and, in many cases, retail trade exploded due to the decline in demand for the food that is normally supplied to restaurants and the increase in demand from grocery stores. As these new processes expand, specialists will work with customers to transform existing batch processes into efficient continuous processes and bring their strong experience in conventional food science to this new technology.

Joanne Wohlfahrt
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