Exploring the Latest Food Trends in the US

As consumers become more health-conscious and prioritize foods that boost immunity and promote wellbeing, fermented foods remain a popular choice. Ghost kitchens, which are dedicated to preparing takeaway food, have been on the rise. Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) is one such example, with plans to expand from 300 to 1000 locations next year. Chain restaurants such as Buca di Beppo are also getting in on the trend.

Wendy's is planning 700 ghost kitchens over the next five years, and Yelp now has a “Virtual Kitchens” option to help you find them. Market research firm Euromoniter predicts that this could be a “trillion-dollar industry” in the next 10 years. The food industry is also focusing on plant-based proteins and other edible plants. Sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important, and urban centers in the US are leading the way. Alcohol-free cocktails are gaining ground alongside foods containing THC, and natural flavors are becoming more popular.

Mood food, which is a fancy way of saying “regular cannabis-infused food”, is also gaining traction on social media. Consumers are also refocusing on healthy foods after choosing comfort foods during the COVID-19 pandemic.


, superfoods, cold coffee, ghost kitchens, plant-based proteins, mood food, and sustainable packaging are just some of the current food trends in the US. Trying to forecast food trends is still fun and sometimes even accurate.

Joanne Wohlfahrt
Joanne Wohlfahrt

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