What Food and Drink Trends are Gen Z Embracing?

Generation Z is looking for speed and convenience when it comes to their food and beverage purchases. From pre-cooked meals to individually wrapped snacks, smartphone delivery, and curbside pickup, Gen Z is all about convenience. The COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified these purchasing decisions, and it's expected that these trends will continue even after the pandemic is over. When it comes to spending their disposable income, Gen Z puts the most emphasis on meals away from home.

In fact, dining out accounts for 40% of their spending, making it the most important category for young people today. This is followed by fashion at 35%, and outdoor activities at 18%. For 4 out of 5 members of Generation Z, buying food and drink is more than just a means of sustenance; it's also an opportunity to explore and connect with cultures from around the world. Health is the new wealth, and Generation Z puts a lot of emphasis on well-being.

Food and beverages play an important role in this, along with areas such as exercise and relaxation. Brands that can take into account the preferences of Generation Z and identify relevant trends can have great growth potential. A recent Y-Pulse study explored campus gastronomic lifestyles and identified five trends that shed light on the gastronomic preferences of Generation Z. These include their desire to share culinary experiences, their concern for everyone involved in bringing meals to the table, their promotion of climate-conscious eating and beverage behaviors, their belief that their personal choices about food have an impact on the environment, and their view that food is fundamental to their identity.

Joanne Wohlfahrt
Joanne Wohlfahrt

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