Which cooking techniques have been driving food trends in the united states?

As the saying goes, food trends may come and go, but banana bread is forever. OK, that's not really a saying. But it's true (you'll find out why, below). At Allrecipes, we've been thinking a lot about gastronomic trends because we're celebrating our 25th anniversary, and a quarter of a century has given us a front row seat to see the foods, ingredients, and even cooking techniques that have captured American tastes (anyone want cronut?).

The unprecedented changes in lifestyles and eating patterns, the increased demand for healthier foods and more ethical choices, and the desire of consumers to know more about the foods they choose will cause dramatic changes in the way the food industry does business in the coming years. This trend has been driven by changes in consumer behavior, as many people have chosen to order food online instead of going out to dinner. Increasingly, success lies in the ability to identify the specific foods, flavors and ingredients of ethnic cuisine that will best be integrated into and emulate Americans' favorite foods and forms. Ube, a purple yam from the Philippines with a slight nut flavor and vanilla scent, appears on many trending lists and in all kinds of foods and beverages, from cakes and waffles to lattes and ube coladas.

And there may be no better sign than the growing popularity of food among the crowd than the continued growth of food served at a community meeting that began with the sausage craze. This trend is likely to benefit both consumers and restaurants, as it will make it easier for people to get the food they want and will help restaurants reduce costs and reach more customers. A new generation wants food from companies that are actively healing the planet through agriculture that reduces carbon emissions, more rigorous animal welfare policies and equitable treatment for the people who grow and process food. From avocado toast to zoodles, these were the most important food trends in the last quarter of a century since Allrecipes began.

Plant-based foods are healthier and more sustainable, but they're also becoming more delicious as food companies invest in developing better alternatives to plant-based meat. This trend is due to a number of factors, such as concerns about the environment, food safety and the increase in the cost of food. On one in 10 occasions when an adult eats food within an hour after purchase, more than half of these foods come from a supermarket (Hartman, 201).

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