Which states have been driving food trends in the united states?

This list will cover the 9 most important trends affecting the food and beverage industry right now. Trend-worthy food product predictions for the New Year. Yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, and wine are examples of fermented foods, but the trend goes far beyond these staples. But what if things didn't work out the way everyone thought they would? Trying to forecast food trends is still fun and sometimes even accurate.

For more content related to Exploding Topics, check out 5 big snack trends and 25 trending food technology startups. I predict that this “trend” will influence food labeling, food products and marketing statements, leading companies to even share information about their work culture and their inclusion measures. The advent of food delivery apps has increased the speed and accessibility when it comes to getting your favorite foods. According to the Food Information Council, pre-prepared fresh meals, menu kits with raw ingredients and other home food kits that save customers time are the main attractions for 55% of millennials, who prioritize convenience over consistent flavor.

The trend of home subscriptions has found a perfect match both in specialized online food delivery and in the millennial generation. Many food companies will use these sustainable ingredients as “better-for-you” alternatives, according to Caleb Wilson in an article for Food Business News. However, climate change threatens production and drives up prices, said Kara Nielsen, who tracks food and beverage trends for WGSN, a consumer consulting and forecasting firm. I believe that the growing need and interest of consumers for transparency in the food industry continues to hold food companies accountable and drive change in the industry.

Joanne Wohlfahrt
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